DISC Workshops Training

DISC workshops training

DISC workshops training equips participants with new tools to develop and maintain successful relationships. Using personal assessments, interactive exercises and case studies, this workshop inspires participants to leverage their own strengths while learning to adapt to the styles of others. Ultimately, this workshop is designed to build high-performing teams that get along.

Developed in the 1920’s, William Marston’s theory of personality types and behavioral styles is widely used today. DISC assessments have high reliability, meaning that individuals will typically get the same score over time. However, DISC is not a predictive test and has not been proven to predict job performance. In fact, Psychologist Wendell Williams has criticized the use of DISC in employee recruitment.

Understanding DISC: A Comprehensive Guide to Personality Assessment Workshops

Participants will receive a personalized full-color report that is all about them. The report reveals their unique DISC work style, adapted work behaviors, ways to communicate with them, challenges when working with other styles, and much more. Many people are captivated by their results and often ask, “How did they know this about me?”

In small groups, participants will explore similarities and differences between the four DISC styles and discuss how the different styles interact at work. By the end of the session, participants will be able to create strategies for building better relationships at work and at home, as well as to understand how to help their team members improve workplace communication.