Kauai Christian Churches

Kauai Christian churches of Kauai is famed for its lush vegetation, crystal clear waters, and dramatic mountain cliffs. Tucked within its beautiful boundaries, however, is a vital and vibrant church called Kauai Christian Fellowship (KCF). KCF has been serving the island since 1991 and has become known for its family culture that emphasizes authentic trust and community. It is also known for its outreach programs that include a food bank, homeless ministry, and its own one-year Bible college.

The church has a long history of Christian missionary work in Hawaii dating back to 1834 when New England Congregational missionaries started the Wai’olu Hui’ia Church in Hanalei. In 1984, the Kauai Christian church was created in Princeville as a result of encouragement from an existing congregation in Hanalei. The church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

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Kauai Christian Academy is an accredited preK – 12th grade school that is the only Christian school on the island of Kauai. Its 10 acre campus overlooking Kilauea Lighthouse is an inspiring place for students to learn and grow. It inspires the hearts and minds of its students with a balance of truth and love, and provides a safe, nurturing environment that produces outstanding results.

Its staff and board members serve without compensation out of the love they have for Jesus Christ. The church also serves as the community center for the North Shore with many local organizations and individuals renting its Church and Community Hall to lead classes, host potlucks and parties, 12 step groups, or hold musical or theatrical presentations.