Tennis Court Maintenance Specialists

tennis court maintenance specialists

Having a well-maintained tennis court can be an asset to any property and is a great way to promote exercise. Whether you have a hard or synthetic surface, RS Site and Sports has tennis court maintenance specialists to keep your courts looking their best all summer. The owner is always out in the field ensuring your court is getting the care and service it deserves.

Tennis court resurfacing is a multi-layered project that includes cleaning, leveling, top dressing, and laying lines. Resurfacing will keep dirt, moss and debris from taking hold of the court, and prolonging its life. It will also make the court harder and smoother for play, which will minimize injuries to players due to tripping on bubbles or cracks in the surface.

Ace Your Game: The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Court Maintenance Specialists

Resurfacing will also include drainage, which is critical to the longevity of a court. Excess water that is left to stand on the surface or beneath can cause issues like heaving or settlement of the concrete. Proper drainage will divert water away from the court and to the storm drains.

Keeping your courts in good condition will improve play and increase the value of your property. It will also help avoid injury to players due to tripping over cracks, bubbles, and pools of water that can occur on a neglected court. The best way to avoid these problems is to get them repaired as soon as you notice them, rather than waiting until they become a major problem.