Top 25 Best Skyrim Mods You Must Try Out

Today in this post, we will talk about the Best Skyrim Mods to Enhance the Gameplay on your PC. It has been quite a long time that Skyrim is out on the internet or market, and by this moment people have even completed playing the game. Speaking of the gameplay there is no question about how amazing the gameplay. The game is filled up with lots of interesting quest and enemies. But in one point of the game, there is nothing much you can do to deal with. To make the game more interesting and fun to play there has been created a number of mods.

By applying the mods one will be able to experience the high quality of graphics and lots more. Right now we will discuss with you on the different available Skyrim mods. We will have a quick discussion on how to actually apply the mods. To apply the available mods is quite a simple task to perform. All you need to do is simply click on the link of the mod which you wish to use. And then the mod will get download and get applied automatically from the steam workshop. Speaking of the mods, most of it is not available, to fulfill that we are providing some links to the mods. Besides that, you should download the Skyrim Script Extender which will help you the available complicated mods. Below is the complete list of the 25 best Skyrim Mods to enhance the Gameplay on Windows PC.

List of 25 Best Skyrim Mods That You Must Try Out

1: Relighting Skyrim Mod

While playing the Skyrim game, have you ever noticed the light source coming out illogically? And you also might have noticed there are few doors which give out a light. Also, you may find out that there is no reasonable directional light. To solve this and make the Skyrim game graphics look more like reality, try out this mod. By applying it, you will be able to reprogram the game entirely to create the effects of lights more real and logical in the game.

Click here to download.

2: Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim Mod

Speaking of the mods of Skyrim, not all of it enhances the visuals in the game play. The modding community has created impressive mods with the unique feature, and that make Skyrim more fun to play. The spells consist of a total of 140 spells by count. The spells include calling of the basic objects, summoning ferocious tornadoes and smashing enemies.

Click here to download.

3: 2K Textures Mod

If you are using PC with sharp edge technology of specification, 2k Textures is the unique that one must try out to play Skyrim.  The game lacks some information and textures too, even though there is this High definition patch. Using the mod, it will provide you textures of around 4K resolution, which will entirely change the visual effects in the game.

Click here to download.

4: Alternate Start Mod:

Have you already finish playing the game of Skyrim and need a complete start, then you better try out the Alternative Start Mod. It gives you several start points with various characters and fits very well in the storyline of Skyrim. After the Mod is included into the game, you can start playing the game as a necromancer or ship wrecked guy or farmer and many characters else.

Click here to download.

5: Moonpath to Elsweyr Mod

Are you bored of going to the same place again and again? To explore the new landscape into the game of Skyrim, Moonpath to Elsweyr is the right mod to use. It will take you to the beautiful landscape into the game of Skyrim. Hunt down by stalking your prey into the short six quests. Moonpath to Elsweyr is connected with the 2K textures mod and let you explore beautiful places.

Click here to download.

6: Dual Combat Realism 8 Mod

It is a mod that highly advances the combat system of Skyrim, making them more reasonable. The main purpose behind the creation of the Dual Combat Realism mods is to enable best combat gameplay. In the mean time, it allows you to cover yourself with the shield and with a pair of parry handed weapon. Protect yourself from the attack and allows you to survive more in the game.

Click here to download.

7: Monster Reborn Mod

Fighting the monsters is very amazing, but when you to get the battle with the same kind of monster all over again it gets boring. To replace the monster into the gameplay of Skyrim you can use the Monster Mayhem Mod, as it will introduce to you different and new monsters. Also, this mod will let you experience unique levels of game and behemoth. Enjoy the thrilling monstrous battle using this mod on Skyrim.

Click here to download.

8: Cutting Room Floor Mod

When we talk about the world of the Skyrim it is very large, consisting of several characters or creatures and monsters. Not only that you will also get to explore different types of landscapes in the game. After you finish playing the quest of Skyrim, you might want to give a try on the Cutting Room Floor Mod. It will allow you to explore the places of the game and play new quest and level.

Click here to download.

9: Reverse Crafting Mod

Reverse crafting Mod fulfills the missing feature of the game like smelter is available but you are not able to use any weapons. It will allow you to smelt down the weapon like Iron Weapons, Steel Weapons and Elven Weapons and lots more. Also, most of the weapons will be able to smelt back into its own base ingredients. These mods will make the game play of Skyrim more fun and interesting.

Click here to download.

10: Bandolier Extra Inventory Mod

Did you ever face a situation in the game, like you were not able to carry lots of weapon along with you? In that situation, you got no choices or option but to simply left them behind. There are many useful items available in the game such as dragon bones or dwemer scrap and many others thing. Bandolier extra inventory mod allows you to carry extra weight and that is really impressive.

Click here to download.

11: Open Cities Skyrim Mod

Whenever you are playing Skyrim on your computer, you might have noticed that how irritating it is to load the screen of the game. It usually spoils the fun of the game when there is the smooth flow of the screen. To fix the problem, use the open cities Skyrim Mod to solve the issues that are you are with screen moving slowly on the game. After using the mod you can play the game smoothly like anything else.

Click here to download.

12: Tundra Defense Mod

The available quest into the game of Tundra is very fun to explore and play the game. You may be familiar with the landscape of the Skyrim game, the weather is very rough and the civil war and the dragons are extremely dangerous. Tundra Defense mod will allow you to construct your own outpost, also build a strong defense to get saved from the attack of raiders and dragons.

Click here to download.

13: Castle of Volkihar Redux Mod

After you apply this mod, you will get to witness a complete built castle with impressive texture and details. The castle is fully constructed with the eerie corridors and then also with the dungeons. It introduces to you the beautiful castle and interesting quest, that takes place right after the occurrence of the events of the Dawnguard in Skyrim.

Click here to download.

14: Jedi of Skyrim Mod

Jedi of Skyrim mod is one of the fun parts as it introduces to you Star Wars and the Skyrim crossover. In this mod, you will be able to wield a light saber similar to that of the star wars. It also enables the player of the Skrim character with abilities such as force, mind tricks and lightning too. Make the game more fun to play by using this mod in Skyrim.

Click here to download.

15:  Falskaar Mod

The Falskaar mod is one of a unique one available for the Skyrim game. Get to explore the whole new land independent of Tamriel. It includes a number of 26 quests with 9 quest of the long main story line and the other 17 side quests. Time hours of the gameplay are 20 to at least 30 hours of gameplay along with new spells and background new songs. In one word this mod introduce to you to a whole new continent of Skyrim.

Click here to download.

16: Return of Atlantis Mod

This mode will introduce to you to the lost city of Atlantis, and that has made its way into the game play of Skyrim. In the quest for the return of Atlantis mod, you will need to get through the whirlpools of death and lots more. Get rewards at the end of the quest and use new types of weapons in Skyrim. The time requires to complete the journey of the quest is at least 3 to 4 hours duration.

Click here to download.

17: The Rabbit Hole Mod

The Rabbit Hole Mod is the finest Mod which introduces you to Arena-style 50 stage Combat Dungeon. It is one of the huge dungeons that let you battle against the tough enemies. Here you will be taken deep inside with least of 5-0 levels of dungeons inside the ground, explore the quest of the adventurous location in Skyrim.  Get new followers and also learn to use new types of spells.

Click here to download.

18: Endreal Mod

It is completely a new landscape with several names, take a journey to the lush forest of the Heartland in the Endreal Mod. This one is filled up with new soundtracks separately for battle, character themes and lots more. Also introducing around 30 hours of legendary voice dialogue made up in both German and English language.

Click here to download.

19: The Elder Scrolls Quests Series Mod

It is a mod where all the collections of the “ThirteenOranges” of the elder scrolls quests series are present. It features the latest lore friendly in letting you experience the style and themes of the gameplay of Skyrim. The characters that are involved in this mod quest are all voiced completely. It also gives the player with bonus perks, named weapons and unique armor with impressive effects.

Click here to Download.

20: Way of the Monk Mod

It involves two different uses of new skills without any weapons and the armors. The way of the Monk Mod allows you to battle against your enemies with your bare hands. Playing in the style of a monk and choosing the character is optional including the overhaul. This mod is basically all about fighting the enemies without the use of weapons.

Click here to Download.

21: Realistic Needs and Diseases Mod

Here the mod is added up with a clean Cooking Menu option, and you will be only displayed with the recipes when you have the ingredients in the inventory. This is one kind of a survival mode to keep your character strong and fulfills all the needs. Always keep the fresh food with new recipes and decrease the quantity of spoil food that is in the barrels and sacks.

Click here to Download.

22: The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection

If you have already experienced playing the Dark Brotherhood resurrection quest, then most probably you must be glad to use this mod. It includes more than 4 hours of long campaign quest story line. Meet 2 new followers with the full voice and amazingly scripted for those tricky assassin players of Skyrim.  Averna let you hide your shadows while sneaking around and stabby for the sneaky attacks.

Click here to download.

23: Skyrim Redone Mod

When it comes to Skyrim Redone Mod it is the best out of all Mods in the list. It totally changes the game play and the look of the game. Redone is a combination of several mods to give you an amazing gaming experience. Also, introduces new weapons and then lots more features to enjoy. Little bit complicated mod and offers several options for characters improvements.

Click here to Download.

24: Dwemertech- Magic of the Dwarves Mod

This mode in the game play of Skyrim features to you with a different voiced characters. It includes the reward for the intervention of 42 impressive alterations. A total of 3 voiced characters in introduces in the mode. A character of skill level with an access to at least 40 different new spells, the game duration is from 1 to 3 hours of time.

Click here to Download.

25: Phenderix Magic World

It is one of the rarest mod that is almost filled only with nothing but magic. Here you will get to witness complete new settings. Also, the landscapes of the mod share the similarity like of the wizard school. Learn different types and numbers of the spell and get some new followers. To master and experience your magic there is a magical quest.

Click here to Download.


So, these are the list with the complete information of 25 Best Skyrim Mods to Enhance the Gameplay on your Computer. If you are one of those game freaks who never gets fed up of playing one game over and over again, then you better apply these mods in the Skyrim game. Mods are the way to experience the same game with lots of features, and you get to explore new places, use different weapons and fights new monsters.

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