Mavenir to Showcase Amazon Web Services Cloud-Hosted 5G Core Network 2022

Mavenir, a Network software provider has announced that it will be showcasing Amazon Web Services cloud-hosted 5G core network for various 4G/5G use cases at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2022. Mavenir is already working with customers for trials and deployment of Mavenir’s end-to-end solution on AWS. Mavenir will send the cloud-local parcel center, IMS, voice, informing, and arrangement parts facilitated on AWS. The arrangement will involve Mavenir’s Digital Enablement stage as a front end for generally administration the executives, giving clients a point of interaction for self-administration the board.

amazon web services

The pilot focuses on agreement to place a network order within the self-service interface leading to AWS deployment. This includes setting up multiple network layers and configuring network functions thus reducing overall service design and deployment time.

Mavenir says this AWS widens the installation way for Pre-collection and end-to-end legal solutions for roll-out and management of count-based services for communications service providers. It shows less time for setup and integration and lower cost of ownership for rapid service trials and rollouts.

The arrangement is adaptable, and administrators will want to single out among the accessible arrangement parts and improve it with discretionary incorporation with on-premises jobs relying upon their requirements. The arrangement targets administrators hoping to exploit public cloud innovation with solid, transporter grade, superior execution arrangements with security and on-request scaling. Mavenir have used advanced services and capabilities like network slicing as part of the service.

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