Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Comes With Large Always-on Display, AOD support, GPS, Smart Alarm And More

Xiaomi Mi Band 7: Many individuals consider wearables gadgets like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, however there are like wearables like Xiaomi’s Mi Band, which we accept is quite possibly the most misjudged wearable since it is both exceptionally down to earth and reasonable. The people who would rather not pay many dollars on an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch should look out for Xiaomi’s forth coming Mi Band 7.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

There will also be at least seven different watch faces to choose from, and that we could see features like passcodes for extra security. Xiaomi could like bring back the brilliant alert element that allows the wearable to work out the ideal chance to awaken you inside 30 minutes of your caution. There’s no word on when the gadget could send off, however we’ll watch out for it.

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There are some changes that you might be interested in, such as a larger display over its predecessor. And Mi Band 7 features an always-on display. In a statement it claims that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7’s display will be bumped from 152×486 in the previous model to 192×490.

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